About Tri-Co Robot Challenge


What is Tri-CoRobot?

Tri-CoRobots (Coexisting-Cooperative-Cognitive Robots) refer to the robots that canadapt to the complex dynamic environment autonomously and collaborate with theworking environments, human beings and other robots. Nowadays, Tri-Co Robots ishaving been widely used in search and rescue, intelligent manufacturing,medical rehabilitation and other fields.

Spiritsof the contest

"Aggregation,Innovation, Creation"

What isTri-Co Robot Challenge?

TheTri-Co Robot Challenge has been held since 2018.The contest focuses on thetheme of

"human-machine-environment coexistence". It contains threeconcepts, each of which refers to a specific application aspect.


Dual-arm Collaborative Robot concept(intelligent manufacturing)

Special Robot concept (search and rescue)

Rehabilitation Robot concept (medicalrehabilitation)

In the meantime, the Tri-Co Robot Challengewill also set up excellent achievements exhibition and other activities.

Due to thelimited research and development period, the contest will choose two from thesethree categories every year.

We want to:

-Demonstratelatest scientific research achievements of institutions, universities,enterprises, and individuals that engaged in the research of Tri-Co Robottechnique.

-Form anew platform for scientific research and technical personnel in this field to compete,communicate and fully display themselves.