Notice on the World Robot Contest 2021


To all,

The World Robot Contest has been held for six sessions since 2015, attracting a total of over 150,000 contestants from more than 20 countries. It is an official professional event in the robotics field with extensive implications at home and abroad, and has been widely acclaimed as the “Robot Olympics” by mainstream media of the robotics field.

Based on the previous experiences, the World Robot Contest 2021 includes four contests around scientific research, skills and science popularization: Tri-Co Robot Challenge Contest, BCI Controlled Robot Contest, Robot Application Contest, and Youth Robot Design Contest. The Contest aims at offering contestants a global open platform that pools innovative resources, industrial resources and human resources to stimulate technological research potential of the robotics industry as an important driver to the cultivation of global innovative talents, S&T talents and skilled talents.

According to the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on Issuing the Measures for the Management of National Contests for Students in Primary and Secondary Schools (for Trial Implementation) (No.9 [2018] of the Ministry of Education) and the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on Further Strengthening the Management of National Contests for Students in Primary and Secondary Schools (No.21 [2020] of the Ministry of Education), the 2021World Robot Contest shall adhere to the principles of public welfare, voluntariness and equality and shall not be intended to gain profits, force or induce any school, student or parent to participate, or charge fees against contestants in any “national contest for students in primary and secondary schools”.

I. Contests

(I) Tri-Co Robot Challenge Contest

    1. Collaborative Robot Group

    2. Rehabilitation Robot Group

    3. Display of Innovative Achievements

(II) BCI Controlled Robot Contest

    1. Skills Competition

    2. Technology Competition

    3. Thesis Defense of Young Contestants

    4. Display of Innovative Achievements

(III) Robot Application Contest

    1. Skills Group

    2. Industrial Design Group

(IV) Youth Robot Design Contest

    1. AI Exploration Contest

    2. VEX Contest

    3. MakeX Robot Challenge Contest

    4. DOBOT Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge Contest

    5. Robo Genius Series Contest

    6. ENJOY AI Contest

    7. Super-track Contest

    8. FTF Youth UAV Contest

    9. IER Intelligent Challenge Contest

   10. RA-Extreme Curling Contest

   11. CREATE JR Baseball Contest

   12. TAI Intelligent Vehicle Challenge Contest

For more information including objectives, contents and regulations, please refer to the official website.

II. Time &Venue

(I) Trial (May-September)

   1. North China Trial

   2. East China Trial

   3. South China Trial

   4. Southwest China Trial

(II) Final (November)

(III) Championship (July/December)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the contest information will be released in combination with the requirements of local prevention and control departments in real-time, please pay attention to relevant notices and the official website.

III. Entry

(I) Eligibility

The 2021 World Robot Contest is open to all schools, scientific research institutions, enterprises, entities and the public, covering all ages. Entities and individuals can enter for by forming a team freely.

(II) Channel

Please visit the official website to learn the entry instructions for respective contests.

IV. Contact Information

(I) Official website

(II) Contacts

1. Tri-Co Robot Challenge Contest & BCI Controlled Robot Contest

Contact: Wu Qinlei

Phone: 010-68600682


2. Robot Application Contest

Contact: Li Li

Phone: 010-68600664


3. Youth Robot Design Contest

Contact: Tian Siyuan

Phone: 010-68600681


Secretariat at the Organizing Committee of the 2021World Robot Contest

(Substitution Seal of Chinese Institute of Electronics)

March 29, 2021