Robot Application Contest


As a contestfocusing on skills, Robot Application Contest aims to boost the improvement ofrobot operation skills and the development of industrial design applications.The contest will give rein to its superiority of result transformation, thusbolstering the overall development and personnel training in the robotapplication field as well as providing

global youth an international exchangeplatform to fully display themselves.

Robot ApplicationContest faces vocational colleges and universities students to fullydemonstrate their practical

handson, innovative design and teamworkcapabilities in robot applying operating skills and industrial design.

Thecontest will try to enhance the social service ability of vocational collegesand universities, drive the

transformation of mid- and lowend jobs to highendmanagement, technology, R&D and other job fields. It is an

important forcethat deepens the integration of industry and education while cultivating globalinnovative applied

talents in robotics field.



ØChinese Instituteof Electronics


ØChinese Society for Technical and Vocational Education

ØShenzhen TencentComputer System Co., Ltd.


ØShanghai IFcreate Co., Ltd.

ØControl (Tianjin) AutomationTechnology Company

ØInnovation First International

III. Schedule andVenue

(I) Trials

Time: May-October2020

Venue: Worldwide

(II) Final

Time: November2020

Venue: TBD

(III) ChampionshipChallenge (in concurrently with World Robot Conference)

Time: August18-23, 2020 (Proposed)

Venue: Yizhuang,Beijing

The above specifictime and venues will be updated on the WRCC website.

IV. Contents

1. IndustrialDesign Categories

(1) AI ExplorationContest

(2) AI RobotInnovation Contest

(3) VEX-U Contest

(4) 72-HourInternational Pioneer Contest

2. IndustrialSkill Category

(1) IndustrialRobot Engineering Application and Innovation Contest

V. Awards Description

1. The contest will set up the first, second and third prizes forthe Secondary Vocational Group, Higher Vocational

Group and Undergraduate Grouprespectively. The number of first, second and third prizes will account for10%, 20% and 30% of the total number of contestants respectively (rounded tothe nearest whole number). The instructors of

winners will be awarded the "ExcellentInstructor Award".

2. For all teams that participate in contests of industrial designcategories will be graded by audience and media, then it will generate the BestCreative Award (which is rated separately by creativity), Best Art Award (whichis rated by

appearance design and function design) and Most Commercial ValueAward (which is rated by technical explanation and commercial value). Thenumber of awards will account for 10% of contestants (rounded to the nearestwhole


3. The winners of contests in industrial skill category will bepromoted to participate in the 2021

Tri-Co Robot Contest directed by theNational Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).

VI. Registration Requirements

1. The contest faces to all students who study in secondaryvocational schools, higher vocational schools and undergraduate colleges, majorin relevant programs in industrial fields, such as mechanical processing,mechatronics,

industrial design, industrial robots, etc.

2. Industrial design category: Each team shall be composed of upto 10 contestants (regardless of gender), who

shall be the students registeredin the same school. Each team can be provided with up to two instructors, whoshall be the in-service teachers of the same school.

3. Industrial skill category: Each team shall be composed of up totwo contestants (regardless of gender), who shall

be the students registered inthe same school. Each team can be provided with up to one instructor, who shallbe the

in-service teachers of the same school.

4. Contestants and instructors are not allowed to change arbitrarilyafter their registrations are confirmed. If the

contestants and instructors areunable to participate in the process of preparation for some reason, they shallwrite to

the Secretariat of World Robot Contest Organizing Committee andarrange replacement after being verified by the

Secretariat. After thecommencement of contest, the replacement of contestants is not allowed.

VII. Contact Information

1. Contest Cooperation

Contact: Li Yang

Tel: 010-68600685


2. Registration Channel

The WRCC adopts online registration and the registration channelwill be opened recently. Please continue to

follow our official website.