About BCI Controlled Robot Contest


What isBCI?

Brain-computerInterface (BCI) refers to a technique that enables electrical activities andfeature signals within the nervous system to be collected, identified andtransformed, so that the instructions of human brain can be transmitted to thedesignated machine terminals directly.

The roleof BCI technique

BCItechnique makes it more efficient and convenient for people to control andoperate robots. With its great innovation significance and application value inhuman-machine communication, BCI technology has been widely used in medicalrehabilitation, disaster rescue, entertainment experience, etc. and has madegreat contribution to improving the well-being of people with disabilities.

What doesBCI Controlled Robot Contest include?

Thecontest consists of four parts:

BCIsystem control concept - compete in the ability of people controlling the BCIsystem, in order to demonstrate and explore the possible practical applicationprospect of BCI technology

Algorithmconcept- compete in the ability of research in BCI technology and optimizingBCI algorithm

ExcellentBCI system application achievements demonstration

Excellentthesis defense

Applicationcontrolled concept and algorithm concept will be held simultaneously, and willbe divided into two rounds of trials and final.

What canacademia get from the contest?

Bigamount of BCI data generated in the contest will be archivedofficially and be used as research data in the future, which can be seen as animportant achievements in the field of BCI research.

The aimsof BCI Controlled Robot Contest

- ImproveBCI technology in accuracy, speed and practicability

-Accelerateinnovation and breakthroughs in BCI technology

-Promotethe application of BCI technology in various fields

-Try tomeet diversified people's livelihood needs in medical treatment, pension andrehabilitation

-Integratedevelopment of BCI application industry and other industries

We hope:

BCItechnology can satisfied people's diversified livelihood needs in the futurewhile deeply exploring its practical applicationprospects.